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Creating and sharing with fellow mummies, a child care product line which uses the natural and wonderful resources that Ghana has to offer!

NKOALA skincare range is a natural baby care range where the main ingredients are sourced from Ghana, made by Ghanaians for all mummies everywhere

As a mother of twin boys who were born prematurely, I like many mothers, was concerned about the care of my tiny babies’ delicate skin. So I actively researched and searched out one product after another to find a product that was clean, and safe for my little ones.

After finding a product that seemed to work for my little ones the search frustration and struggle started all over again after moving from the United Kingdom to Ghana, West Africa, to find untainted and harm-free baby care products. 

I found that the many European or American products that were readily available in Ghana were unfortunately so very expensive and not consistently available, which led me onto another path.

I was determined to give my little ones what their skin needed which led to my creating my own safe and wholesome care products sourced from the pure and natural ingredients found in Ghana, each product doing its utmost to nurture, hydrate, and care for my little one’s skin.

No matter what mischievous fun your little one gets into I hope you will also enjoy as we do the feeling of clean soft skin from the NKOALA baby love range.


From one Mama to another...

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